Al Adaan, a mystical experience

I remember I do, of hearing the Adaan at dawn after a sleepless night working on this thing or the other, busy with the things of this world. And of climbing to the roof to see the sleepy city at the hour before dawn.

It is a mystical experience, the conjunction of the two is not fortunate, Muslims call for prayer close to the hour of dawn. The first thing that we hear when light is spreading over darkness is the call for praying to God. As if everything vanishes before him even darkness. His light is eternal, even the Sun wont be someday, those stars that we see, some of them are no more.

And for the one calling to prayer that too is a mystical experience because it elevates toward God. If it serves a reminder that we Muslims believe that there is only one God. So we call him God in English, perhaps the sooner both Christians and Jews and everyone else realizes that only God is God and that we are all praying to the same God, things will be much better.

I put it here for those who are not familiar with the Adaan, it is the same call for prayer repeated 5 times a day. Perhaps the mystical element in my opinion is the conjunction of the call for prayer with dawn. I throw in a sleepless night and the mystical element reveals itself in the quietness of it all. No voice rises above the call for prayer, and the blueish tones of everything.