Cyberpunk Diaries 2025

"Only radical action can preserve us from this whoring capitalism society. Abolish the system, destroy it, utterly and beyond repair and a New World Order will rise from its ashes.  One where we are all equal. All free. 

End the dominance of liberal capitalism, bring it down crumbling. Do it now."

 — Lone Sloane

NWO "Bring it down."

Extreme Right Dissident group. 
Affiliations Aryan Brotherhood / KKK
Anti Fascist / Anti Capitalist / Anti Communist 
Political Ideology: Radical Neo Socialism

"Radical Neo Socialism became the answer to the ineptitudes of Capitalism and the sham of Democracy. No, the few cannot lead us where we want, only radical change will do that. Radical not only to the extent that we consider its means of action, but its goal, to bring about a New World Order. One where the most able not the richest or the elected lead the way.

In this technocratic faceless age, power could not remain in the hands of a select few enforcing tyranny on others. We aimed a furthering the reach of the struggling masses to make it a global struggle to overthrow the rich and the powerful, even if we had to provoke that struggle through violent means, and enhance it through the scope of globalization where it spread everywhere through the internet.

The net itself became a means of action. Hackers took the fight to the multinationals and governments on a global scale, people finally had enough, everything stopped on its tracks as the banking system collapsed. Aside from the attacks on their servers and the destruction of their databases, banks seen money itself become an empty word as governments were deemed as untrustworthy as their denominations. Bitcoins became as precious as gold. Hackers from everywhere had banded together to attack any government and any bank over the clock.

People saw that the system was not the solution, it was the enemy. It had to go.

IT, social media and e currencies had merged with peer to peer networks. Large banking and government owned databases became the target. Free from debt became a rallying cry. Through the chaos a new order emerged, the economy and government had disintegrated, people relied on themselves and others through the net, they produced their own energy with renewable cells. Self reliance became a motto for everything, people went back to bartering their goods and services in real life or online, or paying with electronic currencies swapped in between the P2P servers.

And finally we were done with empty speeches to give way for a decentralized and resilient self government of the masses by themselves, for themselves. "

 — Lone Sloane

Are we dealing with Cyberpunk? Yes of course, it’s your life u do what u want with it. Cyberpunks are always online, they own the city. U see them and you wonder what they do, they do tons of shit, some legal some not. What they don’t have most of them is a day job. There’s the net for that. You might also find that they have fake identities that they bought, some will take aliases for a name. 2 weeks after that same Cyberpunk is thousands of miles away in another downtown where he or she is hanging out in the same culture. The only lifeline is the internet. In it there’s people from everywhere, they live the same way as you, on the margins of a system that seems on the verge of collapsing everyday.

They speak lots of foreign languages most of them, you could mistake them for anyone, you think they’re from around here but they prove you wrong. You might meet those same guys in another continent where they know people here and there who travel also. English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, French even. Limitations are for others. 

Some are phreakers, carders, hackers, u see them calling anywhere with a cloned phone that they throw away, they show you their real fake passports that they made for themselves stealing other people identities online providing you show them yours, they’re interested in how u made them. 

They know banking algos, they’re ordering stuff online, delivered to some place where they won’t stay for long. They will never fill anything or sign anything on paper. They exist on the net, do everything there. A Cyberpunk won’t tell you what he or she is doing if you don’t belong. Fake id’s, piracy, banking card fraud, online scams, guns for hire, it could be anything. Their shit is encrypted, don’t even try. Even their electronics have either fingerprint or eye scan reco, some have them both. 

Most of them don’t buy anything under their real names, and got nothing you can pin on them, house, car, stuff like that. They could be gone the morning after.  

Paypal, bitcoins, gold in some bank safe, they don’t trust the system and if they own currency its not a single denomination. Nowadays everyone think you can punch a few keys and learn about the life of anyone. Not them, they don’t leave a trace. Most essentially you wont see their faces if they’re for real. Either wearing some large goggles or a face mask. U see them at night, you wonder what they do, it’s their lives. They chose not to be owned by the system. The more you depend on the system, the more you're fucked.

With it comes the fulfillment of being able to survive anything. They’re prepared. They may own successful ventures online, and be rich, they just don’t want you to know about them. Coding new stuff at night scoring tens of thousands for a few days of work. You see them in the subway you think they loonies. They can teach you tons about life, and if you join them you will see that there’s no limits to what you can do really if you’re smart.

Sound engineers, coders, hackers, online scam artists, hit men, counterfeiters, u want Mc Dees free meal certificates, here they are, go eat ur heart out. People stay hungry, why? Cuz they’re stuck in a hole they don’t see the light at the end. No alternatives. There is an alternative, it’s called imagination and laser printing, holograms too, u just need the gear to make them. 

You keep saying no, you’ll never learn 

Someone is racking the latest Oracle certs, another one pops an ID for you providing you go get him pizza. Print jobs they’re called, freezzas, free burgers, drinks, u name it. U play the coupon game u end up with so much free shit u don’t know what to do with it.

Another one is busy finishing carding some 500 cards that he’s gonna sell for 500 dollars a pop, they have 2500 on them, he’ll be gone for Tokyo tomorrow. 250 000 USD, u probably don’t make that in a year...

Someone is lending you a ghost machine, a pda or a laptop that has a proxy anonymizer on it, it changes its MAC address at every boot. Others are showing you the hundred thousands bitcoins that they made sellin their shit on morph games, weapons, armors, ships. 

U’re invited to some Hamachi VPN, because you belong.

Another guy spend the night hacking, he’s showing you how he cloned an interesting client transaction for the delivery guys of some electronics chain. He’s sending 50 brand new UHDTV's across the 50 states, people he knows who are gonna sign dummy names, score the TV’s, relocate somewhere else. He’s keepin his login creds to delete the transactions as soon as they get them.  You’re lookin for the TV’s they’re on Ebay Japan

That other guy seems busy with his hair care products website, u realize he just wants the credit cards numbers; He’s taking off when he’s got 10 000 somethin transactions.

this bitch keeps crashing down, am work it until it’s beyond repair. You’re telling them you have a FB account they smile, they’ve been there until they decided to leave in the real world. They see you work bit ly without an account and they tell you u got something going on. It’s too easy to rack all your shit at once .