Mahakala II

How big is an universe ?

3,6e+21 light-years radius, that I travel in a thousand years of what you count.

1,e.16  light-years in a thousand years. 
10000000000000 light-years in a year
833333333333,3333 light month in a month
27777777777,77778 light days in a day

Its also a speed measure. Iotai travels at

1157407407,407408 light hour or km in an hour
19290123,45679013 light second or km in a second

Which translates into

19290123,45679013 km in a second
11986326.726914817467 miles in a second. 

Or 482156,6550887355 times the circumference of planet Earth in a second. 
It's sounds dizzying but Earth is actually a very small planet out there.

The Need for a name

100000 00000000000    Light-years away is where I came from.
vs          13370000000     Light-years away is the actual farthest measured object.  Its name is UDFj-39546284 13.37 Gly  A protogalaxy

The farthest object is 100000 times more distant than actually measured.

Ancient Earth 133700000 Gly    (*hopelessly)

Spherizing such a distance makes sense, the universe being in my opinion spherical, in that it has a circumference, its center and axis is situated at the Holy Mecca, everything revolves around that axis. 

However vast the universe is, It's also the size of a droplet, if you measure a droplet...  At any rate, I have discovered long ago the earth of humans. The seventh earth.

How was it created?

Space and time are a continuum, we are currently living in the ruins so to speak of the precedent universes, that expanded and collapsed in as many big bangs. The present universe has already started collapsing and will give birth to a new one.

Einstein's theory's flaw is the question of a debut and an end to the universe. Simply put, there is none, the amount of energy generated by a Big Bang being constant, it's not going anywhere, and has no end. 

It is all a constant cycle of energy and matter, the only constant being time and God of course. And billions of years do not make much sense to anyone but God, so to us we are trapped in the illusion of a future and a past. There is no future, and there is no past, it is all a closed circle.

Undoubtedly, time is the greatest illusion there is. Scientists peek at the Big Bang and consider it the beginning of the universe, it is also the end of the precedent. There is no beginning and no end. It is as if God starts with a blank slate, again, again and again. But you have to understand that God has no beginning and no end, and to him that which we cannot fathom is only normalcy.

God is difficult to understand that way, we are but mere ions trapped in the systole and diastole of his respiration. 

"That which is not dead can eternally lie. And with strange aeons even death may die"

Here but Nigh 13/01/2016

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