Saqar and the Scorpion King

Saqar is a wretched place in Hell ruled by a Feral. The damned that slave under His rule build Him pyramids of gigantic proportions, endlessly, 10 or a 100 times the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza. 

They are subjected by His guards to beatings, whipping or flagellation if they talk one to another. and so they end up losing the sense of speech and all they do is groan like animals. 

During the day the heat is sweltering and during night the cold bites. Sandstorms can last for weeks, but work doesn't stop for even an hour.

They live naked and sleep on the naked ground, and even dogs despise their food.  There is no wood in Saqar, and nothing to cook. The damned eat of a poisonous tree called Zarqum which yields fruits which look like the head of demons.

It so happens that they eat their own offsprings in secret or in the open and commit other such acts of savagery one against the others, smashing skulls and feeding off them.

They drink from a single well humungous in proportions, to reach it they have to wait 60 years. Stampedes are common and a wall is built around it to stop them from falling into that botomless pit.  

There are no stones aside from granite in Saqar, and so their work is an unbearable toil. The stones that they cut can reach 130 cubits in height, that they pull and drag, hundreds of thousands of them chained to the masts with iron chains, Maqamir.

When one of them misbehaves or commits a grave mistake, he or she is hot ironed over his back and chest by the Feral's guards. Crucifixion too is a punishment.

They wish for death and it doesn't come. 

Another of Saqar's name is The Keeper as there is no getting out of Saqar. And neither life nor death.  

Saqar is located south of Heaven, and it takes 3000 years of what you count to make it to Saqar through The Great Wilderness by foot.

Saqar is ruled by a Feral known as the Scorpion King, as Saqar is infested by scorpions whose body is as big as a big man's fist, excluding claws and tail, and venomous snakes too that stay everywhere where there is a shade. 

There are no other species except for these two.  Ah yes... and Vultures too as big as Condors that snatch those damned from time to time and take them to devour them in the wilderness. 

A Black scorpion is pictured on the shield of the Scorpion King and on His chariot which has four magnificent and tireless black stallions.  

His Palace lies beyond The Great Wilderness, which is said to be inhabited by some legendary scorpions of huge proportions, some of them as big as a 4 stories building excluding their tails.

The origin of the word Pharaoh or Firawn in Arabic stems from the word Fir or Fyr, from Proto Indo-European/ péh₂ur, Fire and the word Awn, Helper.

Firawn meant thus the Helper of Fire, meaning by that Hellfire. And therein abided all the people that he condemned to die.

One of the reasons, beyond doubt, that Firawn was so feared by His court is that he had the power to condemn them to Hell as in their beliefs he embodied divinity.

King of High and Lower Egypt, Ruler of Saqar, Beloved of Amun Ra