Movie Trilogy The Chronicles of Lone Sloane

The Chronicles of Lone Sloane

Howdy howdy boys and girls. "The Chronicles of Lone Sloane" is a story of devastation on a galactic scale. Having mastered the powers of scale, Sloane takes his war horses and the Red Army to devastate entire galaxies one after the other; his "neighbors" that he doesn't like very much and who are plain evil. Leaving nothing around his own galaxy, only the void of space. 8 galaxies will go down the drain stampeded by the war horses of Sloane or massacred by his bronze warriors. 

I made a sysnopsis for this sitting on a different machine, and how he visits his neighbors one after the other, and departs smiling when they provide him with any reason whatseover to exterminate them, refusing to provide him water for his horse for example, coming back the day after to finish them.

Found the synopsis.

 Lone Sloane devastates 8 neighboring galaxies and races, forming a circle around his realm, which is surrounded by the gate upon the stars, each one after the other, for reasons, sometimes trivial...

Galaxy 01

At a king and his court

 Your ways are wicked. 
 Who are you to judge us? 
 I shall not judge, but punish.
 What is this? 
 A record of your wicked crimes for the last thousand years. Read.
 Sorcerer! Seize him!   / guards try to touch him and he sets them on fire
 I will return... Very soon... / Leaves the palace whistling 

Galaxy 02

Walking through a massive religious assembly and addressing its high priests

  I heard that a stranger was killed and robbed here... 
  He was not one of your people and you did not punish the culprits
  How do you know that?
  Nevermind.... Since you shared the crime, you shall share the punishment...

Galaxy 03

At the assembly of sages

 It's their heads or yours 
 The prince and his court?
 Those which you say
  ... Give us until tomorrow
  There will be no tomorrow

Galaxy 04

At a king and his court, forcing his way through the guards with his horse in hand

 And so you refuse to pay me a tribute?
 What tribute should we pay to an unknown madman wearing rags and his sickly horse?
 Is that so... You shall be things of the past, never to have existed

Galaxy 05

At a plenum of fake Gods

What are you? What do you do here and why is it you are holding bolts in your hands? And you what is that trident for?
We are the Gods of Olympus
 You call yourselves Gods? All I see is dust

Galaxy 06

At a feast of rich nobles with a king and his court. Sloane walks through the palace and no one pays attention before he is standing in the midsts of them

 Denying me water for my horse? Oblivion... That is the sentence. 
 We didn't know it was you! How could we, wearing simple clothes and without your court?
 What does it change now that you do...

Galaxy 07

At an assembly of high priests

 Leave us be. We beg you.
 The writting was on the wall for too long, now it is too late

Galaxy 08

Adressing common folk in front of a temple

Tomorrow by noon the sun will not shine upon you
But we have committed no crime against you!
You are the only ones left, and that is a crime in itself

Lone Sloane returns with his Necromancer Kings who all shake their keys of destiny upon landing on the steps of the temple, and the whole near humans planet is quitted of its flesh. It amalgamates in a huge bowl of flesh and shoots upwards to space where it ends swallowed by their sun. Empty skeletons crumble to the ground. He smiles contently. It is noon precisely. "As good as my word."

The movie ends up with Sloane on his throne, he is brooding over the fact that having exterminated all his neighbors, there are not a thing more to do, and no neighbors will come, having caused a massive exodus in the galaxies situated further.