The Great Scare

I have now come to the conclusion that The Great Scare was not caused by the chaos I inflicted on my neighbors. Earth is way to far away from me. The great scare, men conquering space aboard their caravans of steel, few were ever seen again...

The Great Scare according to Rose was caused by climate change, and forced Earth's habitants to evacuate the planet. It was losing its athmosphere and becoming a desert. Not through the activity of mankind that was highly advanced, but by a change in the intensity of the sun.The sun was dying and was bound to swallow the whole planet. 5 billion years from now. Sloane's six voyages take place in year 804 of the new era, after the great scare. Approximatively 5000 million years from now. We are presently in year 2016.

The voyages of Sloane which are situated in the future, are also a thing of the past. How could this be... I wonder if there are any other time travellers... Or if it is just me. I remain convinced that no technology will ever achieve time travel, and I am aware that experiments have been made in regard to the state of some physical elements. However transporting matter through time is a whole different ballgame.

And that is true also for teleportation. Men's vainful fantasies, are part of his myth. Our struggle to make ourselves bigger than we are. 

There is in this space and time continuum many things to see and many friends to visit, from Rameses The Great to Ceasar of Rome. 

Imagine two parrallel lines and you will understand that although being physically present, there is nothing I can change in the course of time. I can only visit. Influing on anything would have unforeseen consequences. If you wonder how is it that I can manipulate the physical realm without changing history's course, it is I believe because my destiny is crafted in the essence of time, and I am present always where I have to be.

Being an avid traveller, surely there will be no greatness in this world or in others that I will not visit at some point. And I am now also convinced that Iotai takes me where it is my destiny to go and not otherwise, how could it be otherwise, this is not like going to a supermarket...

Iotai seems to have a destiny of its own, and it is a common one, now how or why does it decide to go here or there is beyond my comprehension. It is then all other possibilities excluded, a living being itself. What are the elements of its conciousness and how is it knowledgeable of almost all the universe and its history and languages is a mystery.

How old is it a mystery too. The doomed priests knew perhaps, but they have been destroyed. There was a larger version of it for the Black God. And this one sent to find the living being. What causal link between the two, and why they were similar?

Could I be simply put, and as a result of the destruction of the Black God, a balancing element of a even greater entity. One who's powers as mighty as they may be, still rely on me and on Iotai. The Archangel of Death, the harbinger of destiny.Standing on the finger of death in the raging seas of madness, these, and others, were pretty much my thoughts...