Torquedara Varenkor, The Sultan Sorcerer

Varenkor used to be the Sorcerer of the Wul, The Wul built the bridge over the stars and appointed Varenkor as guardian of it, ordering him not to let anyone go through, to preserve Ancient Earth from humans. After eons of time Varenkor out of boredom invented yet another new game, and started stealing people's souls instead of turning them back. Many never made it to the Bridge over the Stars, and the few who did were lost, and of those light years in between. 

A visitor was always a curiosity, and so Varenkor invented games for them, with them. His last invention captured the souls of visitors in all dimensions but love, and he reasoned that evil souls wont be missed. Both bored and vain, some blacker than night shape, always electricized by new encounters, and soon falling victim to boredom again. 

Varenkor excelled in all kinds of magics, and so was perfect to guard the gate against malevolents and cunning enough to ward off anyone. He would buzz around new visitors asking questions to which he knew the answers, and could both read pasts, and futures in a snap. He marveled over new inventions and asked many details. Varenkor and the Bridge over the stars stood at eons of the nearest place. In fact it remains a mystery how travelers made it all the way there, and wormholes are possibly a cause.

If he sensed a menace Varenkor would stop making his habitual zzz zzzz and his voice would become low and slithering, Varenkor excelled in double talking and could fool almost anyone.

He was destroyed by Lone Sloane during his fifth voyage, but is seemingly immortal. I have seen him here again on this last voyage.