Movie Trilogy I am Lone Sloane


I am Lone Sloane
.Aphex Twin


Part I

 Billions of light years ago

The diameter of this gate is 909 meters of what you count. There 999 gates in total.

 Throne room

The Forbidden City, Sloane's castle

Lone takes Phoenix, one of his wives on his throne, Iotai, they both plunge close to the sun and then back to his castle once there she is seats on the steps of his throne looking at the necromancers below. Lone drinks red wine from a bronze cup, and grapes from a bronze plate. Nothing in his palace is in gold, its all a red or dark green, bluish, strange, ancient bronze that changes in shades of the same colors, and granite stone, with a flamboyant colorful light carpet that looks alive, Persian, at his feet.  

 To the sounds of luth and drums, the 12 Necromancer kings start swirling like dervishes in their red robes and elevate in the air quite high before falling to the ground again like dead leaves, lifeless, empty robes, and rising to their feet again.

Sloane departs for earth from one of his gardens after exchanging farewells, before leaving his throne room we can see zoome of a drop of wine pearling from the edge of his cup, it falls but the shot stops in mid air. His throne can be seen floating in the air and landing close by in between two rows of his necromancers with guards, they have bronze war masks on. 

As they take flight we can catch a glimpse of the vastness of the castle, the planet around it is of the same size as earth.

Aboard Iotai, a travelling from Ancient Earth, the bridge over the stars, galaxies, more galaxies, red stars, , to earth, where he vanishes in the desert of Area 51 heading south. His Time frame is the Aztec civilization. Ours 1975, its a superposition of the two, Sloane is a time traveler.

Part II

August 1975

Iotai is found in Area 51 by a military patrol of two, "what the fuck is that? A promotion." Iotai is lifted after 2 crane brakes and a heavier one is brought, it's put upon the only thing that can support it, one of the trucks used to carry ICBM's around. It wouldn't move at first, but strangely after a few trials, it is as if... it wanted to come.

Part III

Iotai sits in specially build facility inside NORAD in a zero atmosphere room, surrounded by an observatory deck with monitoring and listening equipment, its radioactive.

Datation ko

Weight estimated at 60 000 tons

Elements unknown

Piercing it, no avail.

Sound capture It starts with Ions, and then a voice is heard through the ion fields, and Iotai starts speaking through the speakers.

A team is put together to listen to it, different unknown languages, remotely Egyptian or Arameic,after a few weeks, manic thoughts, nightmares, people hearing its voice even away from it quit, depressions. 

Senior CIA female scientist spends time on her own listening to Iotai, she is filmed in her private quarters speaking to herself "it is incredible... where... how..." and eating a pizza while on the can. deranged. insanity.

She is put in wacko ward for rehabilitation to stop her from listening again. Her suicide, by hanging, because of her 'addiction' put an end to the listening experiment, everyone had enough of that.

The speakers are killed and the recording continues, muted, for years, as well as the studies, mostly radiation measurements. Its classified as never happened, except for some presidential papers with sketches and a question mark. 

Part IV

 Present day

 At night. a small Alien sphere plunging from space at a very high velocity is tracked by NORAD, it has an unknown mass and people are worried. 

The Necromancer Kings are trying to reach Sloane who has been absent for a long time, he is in Egypt at the time of the Pharaohs after having convinced the Inca that on the other side of the oceans was an equally great civilization. He shown him the pyramids on a holographic device, and boarded a ship from Mexico with gifts. Raging seas. 

The sphere which he sees making a stride in the sky during day makes him feel aware that his necromancers are looking for him, and he smiles to himself because they succeeded at finding him and its a vast universe. 

He is well received by the Pharaoh and conveys a message of friendship and peace from the Inca as well as his gifts. He also asks for men to look for the tomb of the Scorpion King, to further his interest in Egyptology. and runs into a huge scorpion statue that takes life as he discovers the tomb and enters it despite of the malediction inscribed in the wall. There is a fight scene with the scorpion that disappears into smoke and black powder when it is killed.

Part V

A nuclear submarine is sent for recovery, with two accompanying aircraft carriers

 Bad vibes, submarine divers and officers quarrel over anything, a fight, the closer they get the worse it becomes

 Laboratory research CIA plus international expert team study the recovered sphere

 Datation ko

 Weight ko

 Elements unknown

 Piercing it, no avail, radioactive. 

 Chief scientist "it's made of exotic matter" scientist "Who sent that here?" Chief scientist "Someone who wants to create a spacial wormhole...."

 Chief scientist, "We should listen to it, anything there? scientist "No its silent." Chief scientist "That's even worst... God help us." Gloom.

 After 3D scanning, NSA Hieroglyph and Aztec script ko, has to do with that object aesthetically, but no references known. "It's going to take us 2000 years to decipher, day and night."

 A weeks later, 1st suicide lab technician handler, told his friend, "I can't take it anymore" gun

 Gloom, people trashing offices. Chief scientist "We got to stop, its dangerous, it makes people become insane just like that throne. CIA scientist No, it came from the top, we got to get to the end of this."

2 more suicides of top scientists, French, Russian, more obsessed than the rest who spend their nights in research. Trashed apartments, nonsensical blood writings on the walls resembling the glyphs. The sphere is locked in a safe 600 meters underground by presidential order.

Part VI

 Days after

Incoming NORAD Alien communication unreadable (Hierogliphs), scary since it complements perfectly the small globe (small melon size), when superposed like a puzzle it forms a ironic smiling face on the computer screen, the face has no eyes, its only pitch black, void, empty, soulless.

 "That's it, great, the Devil is coming..." 

A CIA lab technician, a close buddy of the one that shot himself, decides that the solution is in burning Lone Sloanes picture. He's holding it in his hands inside the photo lab, its developed in black and white.

 Brings up his lighter to put the flame. "Go to hell" Sloanes black eyes catch fire on the flaming picture, his mouth opens and he blows up a flame that engulfs the technicians face and neck and smiles ironically, contented.

The technician runs frantically to the lavatories trying to put the flame with his hands, once there he stares at himself on the mirror where all he sees is Lone Sloane smiling, he brakes the mirror and starts cutting his face with a shard of glass

 He has a heart attack and falls in a pool of blood. His body is found by his colleagues, his eyes revulsed, his body lifeless and thrown on the ground in dismay, there are no traces of fire and no cuts on his face, not a single drop of blood. The mirror is also intact.

Part VII


Alien spaceship approaching at constant velocity,

 NORAD, Joint chief of staff

 "They're coming for it... They're fuckin invading us. How big is this thing?"

it's as tall as the Empire state building Sir"

"Ok, we still can do something about it"

 NORAD com to approaching ship on same frequency to stop approach and turn back or be destroyed

 Keeping approach same vector at constant speed

 More tension by the second

 Presidential declaration of war same frequency, radio silence. "They leave me with no other choice."

 ICBM option on the table

 Deployment in the Nevada desert of US Armed forces, including Air Force

 Subs lined up on the surface on both coasts to defend continental US

 As the spaceship approaches

 Subs start sinking one after the other, navy men abandon the ships swimming to the surface

 Death Valley

 Very Large tank Battle order, infantry, missiles

Warm nukes. Attempts at ICBM launch ko, even after sequence. cold nukes. 
12 Necromancers exiting their red bronze like spaceship. Thunderstorm. One of them produces the keys of destiny and shakes them in front of him

 attacking Planes falling from sky, missiles hit the ground, inaccurate

he shakes the keys a second time

 Forward Tanks start firing, but are seen flying in the air like toys and landing heavily, shots  inaccurate.

another one of the Necromancer Kings produces keys and shakes them once

 attacking soldiers who were taking aim fall to instant combustion. 

and another one shakes his keys, thousands of snakes spring up from the soil

 Panic, retreat


 Who are you? What do you want?

 ... silence

One of the Necromancers takes his mask off, we see only dark emptiness, and places it on the Generals face

The Generals sees his whole life, from being a foetus to growing older, his children, his rank ceremonies, where he is now and it keeps on going, he sees himself getting older, he is more and more scared seeing himself whitering away, and finally experiences death. He gasps as his soul is sucked away from his mouth and nostrils. 

He sees himself hovering over a crowded Times square where the 12 Necromancer Kings walk in a single row, produce the keys of destiny in front of all the people who stop on their tracks. They are faceless, people stare in disbelief. They shake the keys and people are literally quitted of their whole flesh that shoots upwards towards the sun as their skeletons fall to the ground (we won't show any children to preserve your sanity) 

The generals face becomes blueish with fear.

The Necromancer takes the mask off and puts it back on his face

What are you?


Hey Ok buddy, we don't want any trouble with you, we got children, famillies, do you understand?

Bring it to us.

 A helo lands with the artefact, a handler takes it to them in a nuke suit, they take it with both hands and in it is Sloane's face reflected, he smiles. 

 A general turns to another, "Who gave the orders to keep that thing?" no reply, fixed gaze 

"They tried to steal his throne..."

 Spaceship and crew depart.

 "Fucking CIA, They're Necromancers, I seen hell itself..." General quote.


 At the CIA

Iotai dematerializes from its CIA facility while frantic technicians try to grab it. recent readings where abnormal.

It lands in the desert close to Giza in another time frame, Lone exchanges farewell with the Pharaoh, presents him with one of the two the small replicas of Mayan calendar that he brought from the Aztec Empire, he keeps the other one. 

 The Pharaoh smiles, having guessed what it was and thanks him. He also shows him a scorpion made of living gold that he found in that tomb. "Can I keep that? Well... yes."

 Sloane departs back home aboard his throne. 

Part IX

 Sloane's Kingdom...  A Zooming from earth, different galaxies, more galaxies, quasar stars, the bridge over the stars, ancient earth, Sloane's castle from the walls. He arrives at the moment he left, his wine cup still half filled, we see the same drop of wine finishing its fall to the ground. The palace is empty, safe for Phoenix.

 On earth a young CIA technician trying to salvage what data they still have on Iotai realize by accident that the voice when played backwards is plain English. 

 Its a detailed tale of the age of the Mayans and the Pharaohs, their diplomatic exchanges, trade and visits. 

 US President, "It's just fascinating, we suspected it but there was no proof. We got to find a way to come up with tangible evidence." "Its been sitting there for 5000 years Mr President." "The Pyramids?" "That's the tip of the iceberg." "Do you think we will be equally great someday?" "We should start by figuring out how they built them... We still don't know. The Aztec calendar is also more accurate than ours..." "Well, we'll get there someday. Good job." 


 The end.

And the movie goes to... Ridley Scott, for his outstanding work in Alien. Providing you're interested in this project of course. Budget is ultd. And the production will involve large scale statues that will go into a theme park after that.